We are extremely proud of our ability to work in many different sectors.

As you can see in the "About" section, we have many different clients in varying sectors. Each sector offers different challenges and has its own unique set of requirements.

Over the years, and with the experience we have gained, we have become ideally placed to offer a bespoke service to each sector, and we are fully aware of particular requirements. This has lead to much repeat business and marketing oportunities by "word-of-mouth", where clients approach Aztech Building Services through recommendation from fellow sector leaders.


As a substantial sector for our company we have a number of key clients, and we enjoy vast amounts of repeat business through service excellence and our ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances.

We have vast experience of working in this sector, and we have completed a huge range of projects for a myriad of clients, from day-to-day maintenance through to complete office refurbishment projects.

Our ethos is centred on placing the highest importance on programme, quality, budget and safety. We believe these values have played a major part in ensuring continued success in this sector and our ability to attract new clients, through an unblemished reputation and our approach to successfully managing projects.

We have experience in working in a majority of locations, from high-end city centre office suites to heavy industrial units. We thrive on the challenges set by our various clients, and we are constantly looking for future opportunities and new challenges witthin this sector.


Education has always formed an important part of our business. Over the years we have developed clients in many of the education sectors; through Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

We understand that work in the education sector fluctuates through the year, and it is important to be able to cope with this. We have vast experience in managing the demand during holiday periods, when it is critical that projects are finished on time in preparation for commencement of a new term.

All our operatives have CRB (Enhanced) checks, offering assurance to our clients on the calibre of staff we employ.

Aztech Building Services has an enviable reputation from working within the education sector, and this is evident through our work as an approved contractor for many organisations, and the quantity of repeat business we receive.


Healthcare is an emerging market for Aztech Building Services and it is an area where we are currently promoting our suitability.

Due to the work we undertake in similar sectors we are clearly well suited to working for the Healthcare Industry and we already have all the controls, experience and qualifications neccessary to be successful.

As with all our work we place an emphasis on programme, quality, cost , and safety, all of which are key to delivering projects within this sector.

Hopefully you feel that we are a potential service provider, and we would clearly welcome an oportunity to promote our capabilities further.


We have experience of working for national providers within the leisure industry.

Programme, co-ordination and timing of works is again critical within this sector, especially when working within public spaces and respecting opening hours.

Our flexibility makes Aztech Building Services an ideal contractor to provide service excellence to the leisure industry as we understand the requirements and complexities.

Our site operatives and management team are all experienced in working to fixed deadlines, and we understand the importance in delivering agreed targets to a high technical standard, whilst managing time, budget, and safety.


We work closely with a number of Project Management organisations, and we fully understand their particular requirements.

We have vast experience in working to detailed specifications, and we are also happy to be involved at the initial stages of a project to offer advice and take a more proactive approach in relation to sorting project details.

Our company structure allows us to react quickly when necessary and we have, on many occassions, been required to attend site immediately where emergency work is neccessary.

Our strict control of quality, budget, safety and programme gives complete confidence to our clients, resulting in continuous successful delivery of a myriad of projects in this sector.


As a fully approved contractor for the Ministry of Defence we have enjoyed facing the challenges set by such a security conscious client. We have also realised a number of goals through successfully becoming an approved contractor for a number of other extremely prestigious clients.

With all the relevant safety and security checks in place, we are able to "hit the ground running" when approched by a new customer.

Safety, Programme, Quality, and Budget remain of key importance to stakeholders within this sector, and our sound approach in relation to all of these has proved dividend.

We ensure that site operatives and management staff adopt all our principals and recieve the latest training with regard to Safety and Work Skills.

We are constantly interested in new opportunities in this sector, and we hope that you will consider us as a contractor of choice, in the same way as our existing clients do, for any furture projects or requirements.


We have vast experience of working in many areas of this sector, from Church of England premises through to Jewish Synagogues.

Work in this sector can be particularly rewarding, as many of the properties have years of history, and the level of finishes can be extremely high.

We understand the level of respect that must be given to such premises. Our experience and qualifications makes us an ideal company to be given the responsibilty to work on these buildings.

Coupled with our ability to achieve the high work standards required, we also have vast experience when working in public spaces and we are able to commit to programme requirements, whilst closely managing budget and safety.