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Small rooms have a big impact

Special Educational Needs School

With the existing toilet facilities being reminiscent of 1970’s design, creating a modern learning environment that contributes meaningfully to school life and in keeping with the school’s teaching facilities were the main drivers for this 6-week, £60,000 refurbishment project.

How we helped

The Bristol-based special educational needs school is a school for children of pre-school age to post 16 year olds with moderate to severe learning difficulties as with Asperger’s and Autism. School life has therefore become a full learning experience of academic education combined with the skills of independence, all with the aim of increasing pupils’ sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.

A particular aspect of the project in addition to the benefits from having modern facilities was for pupils to maintain their independence in being familiar with a variety of washroom fittings and fitments, and so making the facilities more accessible to all pupils, installing signage in braille and connecting a variety of tap styles: lever, crosshead, mixer and pushdown pedestal types were prominent features of the project.

Work commenced over a 6-week programme to the schools own designs and specification where the 6-rooms were stripped-out and refitted with a range of Amwell cubicles, ash veneered entrance doors, a choice of Armitage Shanks ceramics, new energy efficient lighting and Polysafe vinyl flooring and decoration.

The Results

Staff and pupils now benefit from having modern washroom and changing facilities that reflect the school’s teaching spaces and amenities. These modern rooms have also become learning environments themselves given the variety of fittings and fitments that pupils can now be familiar with outside of school life, thereby contributing to their confidence; boosting self-esteem and independence. The facilities are bright and welcoming spaces that are easy to clean and maintain having been designed with pupils’ needs in mind.

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